A timid enieto branded as a criminal in the Deepguard.


Noiyok was born and grew up in the isles of the Shattered Ocean. He never had much of knack for psionics and so occupied his time pouring over the memory tablets of his home Void Temple. Noiyok eventually met some wizards and became interested in learning magic as well. He learned a bit on his own but soon ran out of study material in the Void Temple. He decided to set out to Laushurno to satisfy his knowledge-craving lifestyle.

In Laushurno, Noiyok continued to study all sorts of subjects as well as magic. He joined the ranks of the Scriveners and had a promising start to his career. Many Scriveners that he worked with, even some of the older ones, were impressed with the knowledge contained in his mind.

Not long ago, Noiyok had an incident that ended up condemning him to the Deepguard. He had been tasked with delivering some research materials to Zurim, one of the enieto Greatminds of Laushurno. He got into Zurim’s compound and delivered the materials just fine, but on the way out, one of Zurim’s assistants bumped into Noiyok and knocked him over, scattering his possessions on the floor. Noiyok became extremely angry, grabbed a knife from a nearby table, and repeatedly stabbed the assistant until he was dead. Zurim came out and subdued Noiyok with psionics, then delivered him to the Deepguard.

Noiyok had never had problems with his temper before and he now worries that his mind might be flawed and that he may have some sort of disorder.


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