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Amhain are very communal and don’t typically like to live away from other amhain. Most amhain communities are in the Plains of Arasan.

Physical Description:
Amhain resemble a bipedal cross between a mole and an armadillo. Their typical stance is hunched over, with a typical height of 4 to 5 feet. An amhain standing up straight can reach heights of 6 feet, but it is awkward for them to walk like this. Skin colors of amhain are various shades of earthy brown. Their eyes are round and black. A healthy amhain diet includes food that has large amounts of minerals and metals in it, which are used to grow the armadillo-like plates that cover an amhain’s back and limbs. The plates on the back cover from their neck to the start of their short tail. The plates on their arms cover from shoulder to elbow. The plates on their legs cover from waist to knees.

Psionic ability rarely manifests in amhain, but when it does, the amhain grows crystal formations in place of the normal plates.

Amhain are divided into 4 natural categories: Workers, Warriors, Caretakers, and Breeders. All categories are physically identical except where noted below. It is their naturally developed mindsets that set them apart. Young amhain begin to show signs of which category their mindset fits into at around 2 years of age.

Throughout amhain society, across all categories, this thought is prevalent – “The community comes before the individual.” It is more than just an ideal thought, it is instinctual for amhain to work together. They have no concept of individual pride and readily compromise with others in the pursuit of finding the best solution to a problem. This also means that they readily give their opinion, without fear of rejection, if they think it can help the group.

Workers are held in the highest regard in amhain society. Workers form groups of 10 or so to work on projects that range from mining to building to designing arms, tools, fashionable clothes, etc. They debate with each other in the group, hammering out detailed solutions to projects. At the end of a project, an amhain group is typically assigned to a different type of project so that they develop a wide range of skills and don’t get bored. Workers feel high amounts of anxiety when away from other amhain, which prevents most, but not all, from venturing outside the community.

Warriors are ranked under Workers in terms of regard in amhain society. They are capable of being as intelligent as Workers, but their intelligence is applied in a different direction. Warriors work together much like Workers, but focus their projects on constructing defensive structures, performing military tasks such as patrols and scouting, and developing new tactics for the group to use. Warriors debate just as Workers, attempting to find the best solution to a problem, but in times of trouble, Warriors are also willing to quickly select a commander and follow his/her orders unquestioningly unless the orders would blatantly damage the community. Though categorized as ‘Warriors’, amhain of the Warrior category aren’t necessarily physical fighters. It is less common than among humans, but not unheard of for an amhain of the Warrior category to learn magic, they are just more likely to apply it to defense. Warriors are better able to operate away from other amhain, so most amhain seen in other races’ communities or in adventuring parties are Warriors.

Caretakers are ranked beneath Warriors in terms of regard in amhain society. Caretakers are quite a bit less intelligent than Workers and Warriors. Both the regard and intelligence gaps are larger from Warrior to Caretaker than the gap from Worker to Warrior. Caretakers instinctively desire to look after other amhain. They keep the Breeders well fed and sheltered. They teach amhain young basic skills and are able to discern the difference between developing mindsets. When the young reach the right age, Caretakers separate them into the four amhain categories. Caretakers also make basic clothes and prepare food for the whole amhain community. Caretakers almost never venture outside the community and are struck with debilitating anxiety when away from other amhain.

Breeders are the lowest in terms of regard in amhain society. They are not very intelligent and are barely sentient. It is taboo to bring them up in polite conversation. Breeders are the only amhain that are able to reproduce. Other amhain technically have genders, but the associated organs never fully develop, nor does the urge to mate. Though the Amhain don’t like to associate with or talk about Breeders, the community’s first priority is always keeping them safe. Breeders suffer debilitating anxiety when away from other amhain and often lack the intelligence to be able to find their way back to the community.

Amhain adventurers are typically of the Warrior category (though not necessarily physical fighters). Psionic amhain are also more likely to become adventurers, as they don’t fit in well to amhain society. Some amhain of the Worker category are also born without the instinct to work in a group. Such amhain often leave the community and become adventurers.

When operating above ground, amhain prefer to work in the short twilights of Daern, but are as capable as humans in operating in the day and night. Amhain prefer to live underground and are adept at burrowing (in groups). They have developed this natural skill into advanced mining techniques, which they use to delve into the ground and find valuable metals and gems, which Workers often refine into well made weapons, tools, and jewelry. Many amhain Workers are master craftsmen, working as a group to develop advanced techniques for processing raw materials. Amhain sometimes trade these well made products with other races. They are most comfortable trading with wolfos and enieto.

Some of the amhain mining tunnels have intersected with the Deep, exposing them to the threat of the abominations that dwell there. Though wary around other races whose actions often seem chaotic and selfish, the amhain have developed a tenuous relationship with the Deepguard. In the eyes of the amhain, the Deepguard seem to act with order and group cohesion. The Deepguard and the amhain also have a common foe in the abominations of the Deep.

Most amhain worship the Radiant One, the Elder said to have created the amhain.

Medium Humanoid
Land Speed 30 ft
Low Light Vision
+1 Natural Armor (Plates) or 2 power points at 1st level (Crystals)
Attributes: +2 STR or CON, -2 DEX or INT


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