The term “dragon” is used on Daern to describe several creatures of myth and legend. Some dragons are described as having wings, others are said to slink on the ground, and some are said to swim through the water.


Legend says that the fey were made by the Children of The Sleeping Father. Some of the Children were amazed by the mortal races and sought to mimic them. Other Children disliked the mortal races and sought to make mockeries of them. The Children took various plants and animals, transforming and twisting them into new shapes. Thus the fey were made. The fey are not anything like the mortal races, though. Fey personalities are flat and unchanging when compared to a mortal. Their whole personality revolves around the emotions that their creator embodies.


The Fey-formed include many Magical Beasts, Monstrous Humanoids, and Goblinoids. They were made by the fey, who took members of the mortal races, changing them into new shapes. The fey-formed are typically much less powerful than their fey creators. Their personalities are also colored by the emotions that the Children of The Sleeping Father embody, passed down through whichever fey created them. Certain types of Fey-formed have different variations, depending on which Children “ancestor” they have. For example, some wolfos have been corrupted into worgs by fey made by The Hateful Child, while others have been corrupted by fey made by The Greedy Son. This only affects the personality of the worg.


There are beings on the Energy Plane. It is not known where they came from. They are called many names: Outsiders, demons, angels, wisps, wraiths, specters. Many of these beings are non-sentient and merely wander the plane looking for sustenance. They typically feed on memories of the dead, though sometimes on dreams of the living. Sometimes, when one has gathered enough thought, it develops sentience. The personality of it largely depends on the nature of the thoughts it has gathered. These beings are unable to manifest physically on the Material Plane, so they work their will through mortals, by whispers or possession.



The Undead in Daern are typically referred to as abominations. Legend says most of the first were created by the Ravenous One, some by the Nightstalker.


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