Bittercold Campaign

DM: Michael
System: 3.5
Playable Races: Any in Daern except Enlightened Elves
Alignments Allowed: Any

Description: The government of the island nation Golhaig is sending an exploration expedition to the Bittercold in the north. Representatives from the Sehhrosh University, the military, and the enieto Scriveners are being sent. A wolfos tribe that herds reindeer at the edge of the Bittercold has been contracted to act as guides, for they have traversed the edges many times and know how to deal with the cold. What lies further out is unknown. The island and shore nations of the Shattered Ocean are at war amongst each other during this time. Some have already sent their own expeditions into the Bittercold. Golhaig fears that they may have found something out there and so has decided to send their own expedition.

There are some things in the wiki that are changed due to this campaign being set in Year 504:

  • The Brimmahg Confederacy has not been formed, though an alliance of island nations (including Golhaig) is well on the way to becoming it.
  • The Fadafir Kingdom does not exist yet.
  • Enlightened Elves rule over the Riverlands.
  • The wolfos are entirely nomadic.

Bittercold Campaign

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