Brimmahg Confederacy

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Brimmahg Confederacy


Islands of the Shattered Ocean and some of the shores.


The people of the islands of the Shattered Ocean were once divided and fought among themselves. Some of the smaller islands banded together for mutual protection. With their combined fleets, they were able to deter the fleets of the larger islands from pillaging their lands. Then, one of the large islands had a disease run through their crops. The island’s people were weakened and there was much debate among the alliance of small islands on whether to attack the large island and expand the alliance’s lands. Another idea was introduced and eventually carried out. The small islands shared their food in exchange for the rulers of the large island swearing to never attack the alliance. Eventually, the large island also pledged to aid and defend the smaller islands. Through more diplomacy and some conquest, this alliance eventually spread across most of the Shattered Ocean. They decided to make the alliance official and created a treaty for all the island rulers to sign. This treaty brought all islands in the alliance under the name of the Brimmahg Confederacy, and established, among other things, permanent non-aggression between the Confederacy’s members and a common currency.

Eventually, all the islands and some regions on the shores of the Shattered Ocean joined the Brimmahg Confederacy. It has grown into an economic powerhouse and their navy is fearsome to behold.


Each island or region rules itself in whatever manner it sees fit, but all abide by the treaty establishing non-aggression and common currency between members of the Brimmahg Confederacy. Representatives from each island typically meet once a year to make requests, share information, and discuss recent events. As of yet there is no permanent central government . During crises, these representatives meet more often and make decisions about what to do.

Brimmahg Confederacy

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