Daern One-Shots

Daern One-Shots

The idea behind these is to run short adventures that will only take 1 session to play. I hope to gather a collection of these to build up some additional history and lore of Daern. Below are the guidelines for the one-shots.

These will use DnD 3.5 for the gaming system.

Allowed Books:
Expanded Psionics
Complete X
Ebberon CS*

*No Dragonmark material

When in doubt about if something fits the world, either don’t use it or check with your GM. In all cases, races may only be drawn from the Daern wiki. Divine casters must have GM approval.

GM will pick a level between 1 and 3 for the PC party. Default is Lvl 3.

GM will provide a “story pitch” to players before character creation. Story pitch example: “Before recorded history, a group of amhain travel to the Eolas Mountains to investigate the disappearance of several miners.” This gives the player an idea of what the one-shot will be about.

GM will set race restrictions as appropriate to the one-shot story. In the example above, players would be restricted to playing amhain.

GM should make sure that the one-shot is a one-shot… The game should take only one session. Spilling over into more sessions could interfere with normal group scheduling. If a one-shot is very fun and the players consider continuing the story line, submit it on the FB DnD Scheduling group.

One-shot will take place either in present day (with respect to current main campaigns – at the moment this is year 1644) or in the past.

One-shot plot must fit or at least not interfere with established Daern history and lore.

The purpose of the one-shots is to provide an activity when regular groups are unable to play and to fill in more of the history and lore of Daern by playing it out. Players are encouraged to develop characters with full personalities, motivations, and back stories based on the established lore and the GM’s story pitch.

The following are some idea seed generators. They are meant to give you a first step in creation. I have found that they often throw me combinations that I would not have thought of if I just started with a blank slate. I recommend giving one a whirl and seeing what you think.

GMs, if you need a jump start to a one-shot idea, consider using this idea seed generator to determine the one-shot’s Where, Who, and When:

Roll 1d4
1 – North
2 – South
3 – East
4 – West
Then choose a more specific location in that… The Bittercold is an option in any direction. Ask me about the Bittercold terrain in a direction if you want to go that route.

Roll 1d6
1- Human
2- Enieto
3- Wolfos
4- Amhain
5- Elf
6- Other
The who can determine anything you want it to – who the PCs are, who the bad guy(s) is/are, who sends the PCs on their journey…

Roll 1d20
Odd- Present
Even- Past and Roll 1d4
1- Recent Past (the last century)
2- Mid Range Past (1000-1500)
3- Distant Past (1-1000)
4- Before Recorded History
Pick a year, check the established history. Check with me for the Present.

Players, if you need a jump start for a character concept, consider this idea seed generator to determine Personality and Motivation.

Roll 1d4
1- Aggressive
2- Calculating
3- Cautious
4- Cowardly

Roll 1d4
1- Honor
2- Family
3- Challenge
4- Money

Daern One-Shots

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