Deepguard Campaign

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DM: Nick
System: Pathfinder
Playable Races: Any in Daern
Alignments Allowed: Any
Year: 1644

Description: Players have been convicted of crimes and given the choice to join the Deepguard or accept punishment. Players have chosen to join the Deepguard. Some players may be volunteers and have not been convicted of crimes. The Deepguard is an organization run by enieto. Those who join it as recruits are given a psionic-magical tattoo across their face. This serves to identify them as Deepguard recruits and the magic in it lets enieto Deepguard more easily use mind control powers/spells on the recruit (Note: This only aids the enieto Captains and Keepers… powers/spells cast by criminal enieto in the Deepguard function normally against tattooed targets). Enieto Deepguard leaders typically only exercise mind control if the recruits get out of line or try to attack a fellow recruit, though some leaders are more strict than others and corrupt/cruel leaders are not unheard of. The Deepguard operates in The Deep, a large cavern system beneath the Eolas Mountains, and in general, their mission is to keep the denizens of The Deep from spilling forth onto the surface.

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