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Half-elves are usually born from the cruelties of war between humans and enlightened elves. They almost never fit into either parent’s society.

Physical Description:
Half-elves typically look like slender humans, or like stocky elves. Their ears are pointed and their eyes are slanted like elves, but to a lesser degree. Most male half-elves are capable of growing facial hair.

Half-elves do not have a society of their own. Some live in human communities, usually hiding their nature. Many half-elves end up in the Outcast Community on the eastern shore of the Frostmelt Sea.

Among humans, half-elves are usually not distinguished from elves and are driven out of the community, often with fire and pitchforks. Among enlightened elves, half-elves are seen as useful slaves, for they are longer lived than humans and sturdy enough for hard labor.

Half-elves that grow up in human communities often worship the same deities as that community. Those in enlightened elf communities often curse the Enlightened Master and pray to the Gate Warden for release from life. Many also pray to Freedom’s Blade for freedom from their troubles and because some feel that they are wrongfully accused of being associated with enlightened elves.

Same as in the Player’s Handbook.


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