Kalino Altes Summary of North War

Kalino Altes Summary of North War

  1. The Story Begins
  2. Road to Lakeside
  3. Evil in Lakeside
  4. Road to River’s Crossing
  5. An Old Elf
  6. Trouble with Worgs
  7. The Dragon in the Woods
  8. Return to Lord Eric Indaren
  9. Bandits on the Road
  10. Deepguard on the Road
  11. Wolfos on the Road
  12. Worg Siege
  13. Frostfang Returns
  14. Ku Disappears, Jack Arrives
  15. Wolfos Great Meet

The Story Begins

  • Four individuals arrived in the town of Edgeville. Ku the Enieto, delivering a Memory Tablet from a nearby Void Temple. Blind Seer the Wolfos, beginning his quest for wisdom and knowledge. Gale the Elf, fleeing from other elves. Barry the Human, as part of an outlaw gang.
  • Stand off between Rognvald the merchant, an outlaw gang, and elves came to combat. Rognvald offered food and coin to any outlaw that joined him and about half the gang took the deal (including Barry).
  • The outlaws were subdued and taken prisoner along with one of the elves. One elf escaped the battle. Rognvald hired the party as guards.

Road to Lakeside

  • Journeyed south to Lakeside. Explored a ruin along the way and encountered some fey creatures in it. At one point in the journey, the party saw a Frost Dragon fly overhead and crash. They went to investigate and it looked to have been terribly wounded. It died shortly after they got to it and melted.

Evil in Lakeside

  • Once at Lakeside, were asked by a man to help find his son that had been playing in an old manor.
  • Manor was haunted by a family and their servants that had drowned on the lake in a storm some years ago. Party found out that the wife’s brother (Jeremy Tanner) had tried to lay the spirits to rest, but had botched up the ritual and animated their corpses instead.
  • Party fought off some zombies at the lake but had to retreat to a temple because there were too many.
  • An Evil that had been possessing Jeremy Tanner for several months revealed itself and tried to kill the party. The party overcame it and Gale was able to exorcise it.
  • Jeremy Tanner was sentenced to death by the Lakeside court for crimes of necromancy. The party convinced the court to allow Jeremy to join the Deepguard, as the Evil was mostly responsible for the necromancy.

Road to River’s Crossing

  • Party traveled on southwards to Rivers’ Crossing. The party assisted a Wolfos with his First Hunt. The Wolfos earned a name at the end of it and chose to be called Ku of the Broken Claw. Also stopped by Fort Duristan on the way.

An Old Elf

  • In Rivers’ Crossing, heard rumors of treasure nearby to the north east.
  • Traveled north east and found a stone door in a hill. Gale was able to speak a pass-phrase to open it. Inside, there was another warded stone door and two elf slave hunters. The party defeated them and were able to get through the second door.
  • Passed the second stone door, Tarim the elf was found. He had made this his home for many years and had helped the humans in the Second Elf-Human War (he is very old and it is nearly his time). He gave the party some magical items and his old sword to Gale. He then headed for the nearest Void Temple to give his body to the enieto.

Trouble with Worgs

  • The party headed back to Rivers’ Crossing and heard that travelers had been attacked by worgs recently.
  • Party fought worgs and fey in the woods and found the worg lair. Defeated an attempt to create a Barghest and rescued several travelers that were going to be sacrificed. One of the captives was Lord Mathius Drosund, a minor lord of the Riverlands.
  • Left the worg lair and saw another Frost Dragon fly overhead, heading towards Rivers’ Crossing.

The Dragon in the Woods

  • Returned to Rivers’ Crossing. The town is on edge, as they saw the Frost Dragon fly over. Lord Mathius Drosund introduces the party to the ruler of Rivers’ Crossing, Lord Eric Indaren.
  • Lord Eric Indaren says that he sent Knight Derrack Grisholm to investigate the dragon, but hasn’t heard from him. He contracts the party to also go investigate.
  • Party finds the knight and retinue. The knight informs them that the dragon is in a clearing up ahead, but that they haven’t approached yet. The party approaches.
  • The Frost Dragon confers the ability to “speak” (sign) Draconic on Blind Seer. The dragon is wounded and says it has been fighting something in the Bittercold, but will not say what. The dragon declares that the foretold time is upon us and refers to some sort of prophecy. The dragon does not know the full prophecy, but knows that it is recorded in the ancient home of Fynhonelhud.
  • Mages come out of the forest, intent on harnessing power from the dragon. Their process would probably harm it. The party defends the dragon and drives the mages off.
  • The dragon, which the party now dubs as Frostfang, and Blind Seer travel to a nearby enieto ruin to shelter while it recovers. The knight and retinue go with them as well to help guard. The other party members return to Lord Eric Indaren and report on what has happened. Along the way, the other part members are attacked in the woods by bandits. They easily dispatch them.
  • The party regroups and explores the enieto ruin. They find some documents and a broken Farsight Crystal inside.

Return to Lord Eric Indaren

  • The party returns to Lord Eric Indaren, leaving the dragon to rest and recover at the ruins with the knight and retinue guarding. Eric Indaren asks them to join his army. Except for Ku the Enieto, the party members agree to join.
  • Lord Eric Indaren sends them on a mission of diplomacy – to gather as many allies as possible to stand against the elves, which have recently been mobilizing. He suggests several potential allies – the scattered wolfos tribes, the Brimmahg Confederacy, the enieto of Laushurno, and possibly the Outcasts.
  • The party decides to head for Longport, a prominent port city in the Fadafir Kingdom, and plan to take a boat into the Brimmahg Confederacy from there. Along the way, they plan to gather as many wolfos tribes as they can. Lord Eric Indaren gives them a letter to give to the rulers of Longport, requesting military supplies.

Bandits on the Road

  • On the road, the party is attacked by more bandits. Oddly, they seem to specifically target Barry. The party manages to dispatch them, though Barry is significantly wounded.

Deepguard on the Road

  • Later on the road, the party comes across a squad of new Deepguard recruits (branded criminals from the Fadafir Kingdom). They were attacked by elves, says the Deepguard Captain, and some of the squad was taken prisoner, including a Deepguard Keeper. The party hunts the attackers down and rescues a Deepguard Keeper named Garsk, as well as some recruits, one of which is the necromancer from Lakeside, Jeremy Tanner. Garsk assists in interrogating an elf prisoner and the party learns that a wealthy elf named Sicil is Gale’s “owner” and has offered to pay the Molroito (the elf slave hunters) handsomely for Gale’s return. The party also learns a bit about the elves’ movements.
  • Garsk sends the Deepguard Captain back towards Rivers’ Crossing, to inform Lord Eric Indaren about what information they gathered from the elf. He and the rest of the new recruits agree to travel with the party towards Longport. Garsk is not sure why the elves are attacking Deepguard squads, as in the past they have had an uneasy truce.

Wolfos on the Road

  • Later on the road, the party comes across some wolfos eating a deer. Their leader is a massive, wild-looking wolfos named Ripper. Ripper tells about how he used to be in a pack with a wolfos named Two-Paws. Two-Paws advocates that wolfos should walk like bipeds, as he believes that the Guarding Hunter was a wolfos that “stood strongly on two legs and watched over his pack”. Ripper disagreed, preferring to run on all fours, and got into scuffles with other pack members. Eventually, Ripper and some who thought like him were deemed too unruly to keep in the pack and were banished. Ripper wishes to pay respect at his ancestors’ bones, which are buried in Two-Paws’ lands. The party agrees to help Ripper in this task.
  • The party travels to a clumsily built fort that Two-Paws owns and hear his side of the story. “It isn’t that I don’t approve of him walking on all fours… It’s that I don’t approve of him getting into fights and hurting other pack members,” says Two-Paws. After some convincing, Two-Paws agrees to allow Ripper to visit his ancestors’ bones. The Deepguard squad stays at the fort.
  • The party, along with Ripper and his small pack, head to wooded hills nearby the fort, where the bones are buried. As they travel through the forest, though, a howl is heard, quickly answered by many others. Ripper recognizes the howls and says, “The Dark Tribe!”, which is what the wolfos call worgs.

Worg Siege

  • The party is soon set upon by a massive worg pack, too many to fight. They flee through the woods back towards the fort. As they run, they hear chanting and spells are cast at them. The dark fey are with the worg pack as well.
  • The party manage to get back to the fort. The worg pack appears ready to charge, but their leader, a massive four-horned fey, holds them back. The party rests as the wolfos and Deepguard squad prepare their defenses. Even Gale, the elf, loses consciousness.
  • The party wakes to find the world covered in snow. They find themselves unable to use magic. They come outside and see that the fort’s gate is broken. There is no trace of the wolfos or the Deepguard squad around. They investigate and eventually find many bodies beneath the snow outside the front gate. The bodies are of many races – human, wolfos, enieto, even elf and amhain. Barry is stunned by the gruesomeness of some of the bodies and his consciousness relapses into the “other side”, where he can see the River of Energy. Barry sees that the River is frozen solid, then returns from the “other side”. A few minutes later, a strange enieto appears and Ku approaches him. They speak telepathically for a while. The enieto gives Ku an amulet, then vanishes. Something darkens the sky as it passes overhead and the party blacks out.
  • The party is startled awake by Garsk screaming telepathically “GET UP! THEY ARE ATTACKING!” They stumble out of bed to find the worgs attacking the fort. Garsk tells them to go reinforce the front gate, as it has taken heavy hits. As the party heads over there, a huge lightning bolt blasts open the gate. The party rushes to defend it.
  • During the fight, Two-Paws tumbles off the wall when another large lightning bolt shakes the wall. He lands outside the fort. The party sallies forth and manages to rescue him. As they fight their way back to the gate, the massive four-horned fey leader appears and attacks them. They defeat it and the remaining worgs scatter.
  • The party captures some of the injured worgs and fey. They get nothing from the worgs, as they just say, “Kill! Tear! Rip!”. The fey says, “We must have more blood. We must perform the rituals and gain more power, so that master can fight master.” Questioning it further, the fey said that “We fear that which comes in the dark.” It would not say anything more than that. The party decided the wargs and fey were too dangerous to keep alive, so executed them.
  • Two-Paws and Ripper grudgingly accept their differences. They agree to travel along behind the party, towards the wolfos Great Meet. The party is going to go ahead on horse, to get to the Great Meet earlier and see what they can do. Two-Paws, Ripper, the wolfos, and the Deepguard squad will travel on the road behind on foot and with wagons. The wolfos plan to head for the Great Meet behind the party and the Deepguard squad plan to head on to Longport and agree to deliver the party’s letter that they got from Lord Eric Indaren.

Frostfang Returns

  • On the road, Frostfang the dragon returns. Is is mostly healed up. He says he is heading back out into the Bittercold but is willing to deliver a message before he goes. The party tells him to inform Lord Eric Indaren of the dark fey. While they talk, ice begins to coat the ground around Frostfang and expands. Ku tries to step onto the ice but stops suddenly. He tries again but cannot. It becomes apparent that he is mentally fighting with the amulet he received from the strange enieto. Meanwhile, Barry slips his consciousness to the “other side” and sees that the River of Energy is beginning to freeze. When Gale tries to heal Frostfang further, his magic does not work. They tell Frostfang about their vision/dream where the world was covered in snow. Frostfang knows nothing about it. The party says farewell and he flies off to deliver their message.

Ku Disappears, Jack Arrives

  • When they wake up the next day, Ku is gone. They search for him but cannot find him. They worry about him and the amulet he had.
  • The party arrives in Woodhome, a small settlement that produces lumber. They head into the village’s sole inn and the innkeep gets food cooking. A man comes down the stairs and introduces himself as Jack. After chatting for a while, the party learns that Jack is in the service of Lord William Siaroga, the ruler of Longport. Jack was tasked with bringing a message to Lord Eric Indaren to inform him that diplomats from the Brimmahg Confederacy had arrived in Longport and to escort any diplomats that Lord Eric Indaren wanted to send back. Jack joins the party.
  • During the night, the party is attacked by several death-touched. The death-touched seem to target Barry. After defeating them, the party finds a note on one of them that says “The others failed. Do not fail. He is still on the road. Find him.” A symbol was stamped into the paper. Though covered in blood, the party managed to discern it. It was a circular black dot inside a black circle.

Wolfos Great Meet

  • The party continues on and gets to the Lone Hill, where the wolfos Great Meet is to take place. Many tribes have already gathered there, including the Elderos, the wolfos leaders. Blind Seer finds Elda Anyar, one of the leaders of his tribe, the Sage Snouts. She informs Blind Seer that the whole tribe was wiped out by the elves except her and that both she and him are now considered Packless. She suggests that Blind Seer completes his Oath of Faith with the Elderos. Normally, the Oath of Faith is taken within ones’ own tribe, but there are procedures for dealing with a situation like this. The Elderos have the authority to administer the Oath of Faith and if the wolfos taking it completes it, they can force any tribe to take the wolfos on if necessary. The Oath of Faith administered by the Elderos is known to be much harder than normal. Blind Seer approached the Elderos and announced his intentions. They said to find three who would stand with him. Blind Seer chose the other party members. The Elderos debated about allowing non-wolfos to assist in the Oath of Faith, but eventually said that they would allow it.
  • Blind Seer and the party completed the trials of the Oath of Faith given by the wolfos Elderos. At the end, Elderas Amyen bid them to “look into the mists and see what wisdom the Guarding Hunter will give you.” They looked and had a vision.
  • Vision:
    →In the distance, you see two enieto walking away from you. They turn slightly and you recognize one as Ku. The other has pale white eyes and pale purple skin, which appears to be desiccated. Ku begins to turn around fully to look towards you, but the other enieto puts an arm around his shoulder and leads him away from you. The unfamiliar enieto glances back at you and you see a glint of malice in his eyes. Somehow, you know that he is laughing at you.
    → The world shimmers and you feel that you are in a different place.
    → A ways in front of you, you see two wolfos sleeping by each other, heads pointed in opposite directions. As they sleep, the earth covers them and forms a hill, rain pours from the sky, and a deep pool forms below the hill. From the hill, a pine tree sprouts and grows to a massive size. You crane your neck to the sky and cannot see the top. From the tree, six pinecones fall, bouncing on the hill and rolling away, out of site. Dropping your gaze, you look into the pool. → In the reflection, the world is covered in thick snow and the tree seems different. It has no needles and looks dead and twisted. Ice covers its branches. It seems to be many times larger than the tree above the pool.
    → You feel a presence behind you. Turning, you find yourself looking into darkness. Something shifts and you just barely perceive a deeper shadow in the darkness. You think that it might be shaped like Frostfang.
  • When the party awoke on the Lone Hill, Elderas Amyen was flailing on the ground looking pained. She got to her feet but looked very shaken. “I have never seen such a thing in the mists,” she said and eyed Blind Seer warily.
  • The Elderos told Blind Seer that they would need up to a week to discuss his trials and that he should get to know some of the other tribes while he waited, for he may soon be joining one. Blind Seer spoke to many tribes and both got a feel for whether they would accept him and if they would be willing to go to war with the elves.
  • After four days, the Elderos gathered the wolfos tribes around the Lone Hill and bid Blind Seer come forth. They told him that he had passed the Oath of Faith and named him shaman, then asked if any tribe was willing to take him. The Windpaws and Keeneyes stepped forward and said they would be willing. As Blind Seer stood trying to decide, a commotion among the wolfos started. They parted and the massive Ripper came through the crowd. “Where is he?! Passed the Oath of Faith, eh? We claim him!” Ripper and Two-Paws had just recently arrived at the Lone Hill. Ripper explained that he and Two-Paws were already wanting to reform their tribe and include Blind Seer in it, as Blind Seer had an important part in repairing the bond between Ripper and Two-Paws. Blind Seer joined decided to join them.
  • Ripper and Two-Paws said that their old tribe name was unimportant, as they had broken their tribe. The told Blind Seer that he should choose their new tribe name. Blind Seer, with input from the party, chose to name it the Fang Reforged tribe. They then decided on the leadership of the pack. Elda Anyar, Blind Seer’s old packmate, was chosen to be Elder Teacher. Being the only shaman in the Fang Reforged tribe, Blind Seer was named the Elder Shaman. After much deliberation, Two-Paws was named Elder Warrior. Ripper thankfully did not seem upset about this.
  • The Fang Reforged tribe began diplomatic actions with the other tribes, trying to convince them to join the humans in the impending war against the elves. Some major tribes were still missing from the Great Meet, as it was still early in the appointed meeting time. Two-Paws suggested that Blind Seer and his allies head on to Longport to finish their obligations there, then return to the Lone Hill afterwards to see if they could then fully convince the wolfos tribes.
  • The party headed off to Longport.

Kalino Altes Summary of North War

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