Sun Blessed Lands

The Sun Blessed Lands is the circular region of Daern that gets direct sunlight. It is approximately 2000 miles across. The climate ranges from fairly hot near the middle to cold, though not unbearably so, at the edges. Enieto Scriveners have made a map of the Sun Blessed Lands available for viewing.


Shattered Ocean

This water gets its name from the jagged rocky outcrops typical of the islands and edges of the ocean. Legends say that this ocean was formed as a result of the massive impact that occurred when the gods first fell from the skies. The Shattered Ocean has rough water and is difficult to traverse. Part of it stretches out into The Bittercold and this ocean is typically cold.

Most of the islands and the northern coast of the Shattered Ocean belong to the Brimmahg Confederacy.

The Riverlands

The lands stretching between the Shattered Ocean and The Cold Forest are known as the Riverlands. Two main rivers flow through here, with many branching rivers, providing excellent farmland in this region.

One of the nations of humans make this region their home, the Fadafir Kingdom.

The Cold Forest

Only pines and firs grow this close to the Bittercold. This forest is often encrusted with ice from storms blowing off the flat plains of the Bittercold in this area. Few have ventured far into The Cold Forest and returned to tell the tale, for elves have made this forest their home and enslave or eat anyone they come across.


Frostmelt Sea

The Frostmelt Sea stretches from the Riverlands, past the Singing Forest, and down to the Tirim Desert. Next to Eadrom Casur, it connects to the Icebound Sea.

The Frostmelt has a fairly mild climate. There are several islands in it. The human Bulanti Nation makes its home in the southern Frostmelt, dwelling on the larger islands and on the western shore, at the edge of the Tirim Desert. On the north east shore, the so called Outcast Community has arisen. The Outcast Community is where exiles, fugitives, and those who don’t fit into normal society have gathered.

The Silent Hills

The Silent Hills have seen much battle in their time. Many human and elf armies clashed over these hills in the two Great Human-Elf Wars. It is said that ages ago, wolfos armies fought the elves here too. There are many barrows and tombs throughout the Silent Hills.

The Singing Forest

This is the largest deciduous forest on Daern. It is the homeland of the elves. The forest gets its name both from the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees and the beautiful, though ominous, songs of the elves.


Veldt of the Sun

This region is characterized by vast stretches of plains. It lies between the Shattered Ocean, The Singing Forest, and the Riverlands. The sun shines warmly and often here.

Many Wolfos tribes live in this region. There are also some humans here that never joined the human nations and never developed one of their own. Most live as the Wolfos do, in tribes that move across the land, making seasonal camps on sites used by their ancestors.

Fey Downs

The Fey Downs region is one of the most dangerous places for mortals in the Sun Blessed Lands. Fey creatures dominate this area. Many are hostile to any intruders and those that don’t attack outright always have hidden agendas, often to the mortal traveler’s detriment.

Despite the danger, some Wolfos tribes have established a tentative trade relation with the more friendly Fey.

The Forest of Giants

The Forest of Giants lies between the Fey Downs and the Bittercold. The forest draws its name from the trees it consists of, which have wide girths and stretch tall into the sky, averaging a height of 300 ft. The forest is largely unexplored, as it is dangerous to pass through the Fey Downs. Those few explorers that have made it to the edge of the forest speak of mist and eerie silence. The Bittercold to the west of the forest rises above the tops of the trees as a huge ice cliff, the lands beyond webbed with crevasses.


Eolas Mountains

The Eolas Mountains range west from the Singing Forest to the Bittercold. The enieto live under these mountains, guarding against The Deep and expanding their library of knowledge. The amhain mine the foothills of the mountains, which stretch into The Singing Forest, and use the river to float ore down to their community in the Plains of Arasan.

Plains of Arasan

The Plains of Arasan lie between the Tirim Desert and the Eolas Mountains. The soil here is fairly rocky, making it hard for crops to grow. The amhain make their home here and use the river that flows through this region for transporting goods.

Tirim Desert

The Tirim Desert lies between the Teorran Range and the Singing Forest. Wind currents and the mountains to the south direct rain around this area. The Tirim Desert is rocky and dusty. The people of the Bulanti Nation once wandered here as nomads, eventually finding the more hospitable shores of the Frostmelt Sea at the eastern edge of the desert. In the west, the desert gives way into the Plains of Arasan, where the amhain make their home.

Teorann Range

The Teorann Range of mountains is on the southern edge of the Sun Blessed Lands. The mountains block the rains that come off the Icebound Sea to the south. South of the Teorran Range is a cold marsh and the Tirim Desert lies to the north. The volcano Eadrom Casur is in the east of this mountain range and is said to be the forge of the Radiant One.

The Deep

The Deep is an extensive cavern system below the Eolas Mountains. Legend says it was carved out by the Ravenous One and the Nightstalker. A large number of enieto live in the border between the Deep and the surface and have four notable settlements in the caves. Beyond their settlements, not much is known about the Deep other than it is a dangerous place overrun with abominations and monsters.

The four enieto settlements are listed here in order of closest to furthest from the surface:

  • Suramol: This settlement is considered to be the gateway to the Deep. It spills out of a cave entrance that lies underneath Evermont.
  • Laushurno: This is the largest settlement on Daern in which enieto are the dominant population. It is the center of enieto research and culture. The enieto have a vast vault of memory tablets here, watched over by the highest order of Scriveners. The Deepguard hold their main fortress in this settlement.
  • Rukurno: This settlement lies inside a huge floor to ceiling stalagmite, which is situated in the Deep’s largest known lake, Lake Duilyn. A large underground river flows through the lake, feeding it. This river is called Duafon. The population of Rukurno is dominated by Deepguard members, though some citizens make a living here by harvesting extremophiles and the meager aquatic life that feed on them from the lake. Some residents of Rukurno tell tales of a giant sea serpent named Quasarinth that lives in the lake.
  • Durvamol: This settlement lies deep underground and is little more than an outpost for the Deepguard. It is a constant struggle to supply it and to defend it from the horrors that lurk further underground. The enieto believe it is worth the struggle to keep, as it is strategically placed to defend the lower entrance to their domain.

The Bittercold

The lands encircling the Sun Blessed Lands get sun only at an angle and are typically covered in ice and snow year round. It is nearly always below freezing and these lands are known as The Bittercold.

On the western edge of the Sun Blessed Lands, the Bittercold consists of towering glacial cliffs overlooking The Forest of Giants. In the south, the Frostmelt Sea flows into the Ice Bound Sea. In the north and in the east, the Bittercold is flat near the edge of the Sun Blessed Lands.

Some from the civilized races of Daern make their living on the edges of The Bittercold. Some by choice, such as the Wolfos tribes that herd reindeer. Some by necessity, such as the community of outcasts that live on the eastern edge of the Frostmelt.

The Endless Dark Ice

These lands never see sunlight, as they are situated on the dark side of Daern. Little is known about these lands as their lethal inhospitable environment has deterred any exploration save the few expeditions that have traversed The Bittercold to look at the edge of The Endless Dark Ice.


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