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What is different from core DnD?

  • Playable races removed: Dwarves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, and Gnomes.
  • Playable races added: Enieto, Amhain, Wolfos, Werekin, Highland Elves.
  • Only two planes: Material and Energy.
  • Outsiders have no physical form and cannot directly interact with the material plane.
  • Traditional dragons have been replaced.
  • Standard Elves are called Enlightened Elves and are not typically really at all nice.

World Overview

Daern is one of six moons that orbit a gas giant. One side of Daern is always facing the sun, leaving the other side to freeze. Night is cause by the gas giant passing between the sun and Daern, essentially making a 8-12 hour eclipse.

Daern is categorized into three large regions: The Sun Blessed Lands where the sun shines straight overhead, The Bittercold where the sun shines at an angle, and The Endless Dark Ice where no sun shines.

  • The Sun Blessed Lands is considered the habitable region of Daern and is about 2000 miles across.
  • The Bittercold is mostly covered by snow and ice year-round. A small portion of it has been explored.
  • The Endless Dark Ice is the dark side of Daern that never sees the sun. Only the edge of it has been seen by the few exploration parties that passed through the Bittercold.

The main races of Daern are Humans, Enlightened Elves, Enieto, Wolfos, and Amhain.

  • Humans have three nations on Daern: the Fadafir Kingdom in the Riverlands, the Brimmahg Confederacy in the Shattered Ocean, and the Bulanti Nation in the southern part of the Frostmelt Sea and in the Tirim Desert.
  • Enlightened Elves are considered to be evil by the other raceas, as they often capture others to use as slaves. Their lands are in The Singing Forest and The Cold Forest.
  • Enieto are primarily seekers of knowledge in Daern and cooperate peacefully with humans (have become enemy of elves because of this and they don’t typically interact much with the other races). Some live within the northern human nations, but their homeland is considered to be beneath the Eolas Mountains.
  • Wolfos are a wolf-like race in Daern. They operate in tribal units and most are nomadic hunter-gatherers, though a few have begun settling down on the borders of human civilization and have taken to herding and weaving. The largest concentration of Wolfos is in the Veldt of the Sun.
  • Amhain are a race that is a cross between moles and armadillos. They are very community oriented. Their lands consist of the Plains of Arasan, some of the Tirim Desert, and the foothills of the Eolas Mountains.

Other races of Daern include the Death-touched, the Werekin, and the Forgotten Elves.

  • Death-touched are humans that have undead in their ancestry. Some serve as mercenaries. Most are outcasts of society and many end up on the eastern shore of the Frostmelt Sea, where other outcasts have made a fragile community for themselves.
  • Werekin are humans with were-creatures in their ancestry. The were-creatures were long ago hunted to extinction in Daern, though their blood lives on in some human lines. Werekin cannot change shape, but have affinity with the animals that their ancestors could change into. They also have minor mental/physical quirks/abilities. For example, a werekin descended from a were-boar might be stronger than the average human and tend towards a more aggressive personality. Most werekin do not know that they are werekin, but feel slightly out of place in society. Some end up in the outcast community on the eastern shore of the Frostmelt Sea.
  • The Forgotten Elves are a species of elves that are believed to be either extinct or just a myth. These elves occasionally appear in legends. They are said to have been valiant warriors and to have opposed the evils of their Enlightened Elf cousins.


  • Arcane magic in Daern is by many people seen similarly to physics/chemistry: as a natural phenomena to be studied, understood, and used as need arises. Wizards are the most common arcane magic class in Daern.
  • Divine magic (that of clerics and paladins… directly from gods) is very rare in Daern.
  • Druidic magic (divine type magic from the land itself) is fairly common among Wolfos.
  • Psionics are very common among Enieto.
  • Other notes: the University of Sehhrosh has a college for the study of magic. Necromancy is strictly forbidden throughout Daern and is punishable by death.

Quick Overview of Daern

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