The Bittercold

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The lands encircling the Sun Blessed Lands get sun only at an angle and are typically covered in ice and snow year round. It is nearly always below freezing and these lands are known as The Bittercold.

On the western edge of the Sun Blessed Lands, the Bittercold consists of towering glacial cliffs overlooking The Forest of Giants. In the south, the Frostmelt Sea flows into the Ice Bound Sea. In the north and in the east, the Bittercold is flat near the edge of the Sun Blessed Lands.

Some from the civilized races of Daern make their living on the edges of The Bittercold. Some by choice, such as the Wolfos tribes that herd reindeer. Some by necessity, such as the community of outcasts that live on the eastern edge of the Frostmelt.

The Bittercold

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