In the beginning, there was only Nothingness. The Elders spread their hands and Daern was born. They called forth Edromyn, the sun, to shine down upon their new world. They set Nostiarna, a swirling giant of gas and vapor, in the sky to shade the world from Edromyn’s eager light. They placed other moons around Nostiarna and tasked them with guarding Daern. At last, the Elders descended onto Daern to sculpt the mortal races: human, enlightened elf, wolfos, khalizi, enieto, and amhain. For a time, the Elders walked amongst the mortal races, teaching and guiding them. Once the mortals were strong enough to stand on their own, the Elders withdrew from Daern, watching over the mortals from afar.

The mortals make their home in the Sun Blessed Lands, the side of Daern that always faces the sun. Nostiarna shades them at night. Encircling the Sun Blessed Lands is the region of Daern known as the Bittercold, a frozen wasteland where the sun hangs low in the sky. And on the far side of Daern, where the sun never shines, is the Endless Dark Ice.

The humans have carved out several nations for themselves. The wolfos roam the lands in tribes. The enieto live amongst humans and fight against abominations in the Deep. The amhain toil in their mines. The highland elves hide in the Forest of Giants, a faded memory of their former glory. The enlightened elves enslave the other mortal races and plot their triumphant return to dominance over Daern.

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