Highland Elves- Khaliizi

Sharp and slim as a sword,
and hair like living flame,
fiercely did their fire burn,
only to be quenched too soon.


The existence of Forgotten elves have long been a subject of scholarly debate among the Enieto Scriveners. Scholars would often site the document Of the Elders and the First Days of Daern – The War of Creation as evidence for their existence. In the document, it is stated that Freedom’s Blade created a mortal race known as Hill Elves by the humans.

Recent events on Daern have at last confirmed the existence of this ancient and proud race much to the delight or chagrin of the believers and skeptics respectively. Driven from their former hiding place in the mysterious and foreboding Forest of Giants the Khalizi, as they call themselves, are at last making their mark upon the Outside world once again (whether they want to or not). The following is what has been learned so far about this enigmatic people.

Physical Description:
The Khalizi are now considered the largest of the humanoid races averaging between 5’10 to 6’5" and 150-240 pounds. Sitings of even taller individuals have been reported but not yet confirmed by reliable witnesses.
Khalizi experience very little sexual dimorphism meaning that both males and females of the species exhibit very similar amounts of musculature and are of nearly identical heights in stark contrast to humans and enlightened elves.
Khalizi are very fair skinned with blond to sandy brown hair being the most common, however red or auburn hair has also be noted with fair frequency. Typical eye colors are various shades of blue and grey, with green and brown being very rare.
Like Enlightened Elves, Khalizi have very slow metabolisms resulting in long lifespans of around 300 – 350 years old.

There is still much to be learned about Khaliziean culture but some basic facts have been confirmed. Democratic values reign supreme among the Khalizi. All major topics that concern the majority of a community are publicly debated among all adult members of the group, both male and female. Khaliziean politics appear to be a rough and ready affair with little mincing of words and often brutal honesty. In short if arguing were a sport the Khalizi would win if only by sheer stubbornness.
In addition to their passionate use of their freedom of speech the extreme egalitarian nature of their society is also of important note. Due perhaps to their lack of a so-called physically dominant sex Khalizi recognize little difference between males and females in regards to social status or career. Males and Females participate equally in their communities and in their home lives. Such a unique cultural quirk is believed to have been maintained due to their isolation from other predominantly patriarchal societies.

Legend says that Forgotten Elves were mighty allies of the humans and wolfos in ancient times. Some accounts indicate that at some point, though, the Khalizi called upon their allies for aid, and for whatever reason, the humans and wolfos could or would not come.
In the past the few wandering Khalize that have been identified have expressed a certain bitterness toward the Humans and Wolfos.
The only clear relationship is their absolute, burning hatred of Enlightened Elves, who the wanderers say had a large part in the decimation of their race.

Observers have confirmed that the Khalizi almost exclusively worship Freedom’s Blade there so-called creator God. There sole devotion to this single Eldar is in keeping with similar practices seen among the Amhain and the Enlightened Elves. The existence of a loosely defined priesthood or similar monastic order has not yet been confirmed though rumors of a so-called White Priestess possessing the Old Magic have surfaced in recent months.
Some populations of Khalizi however appear to bitter toward their supposed creator, feeling that he has turned away from the them much as the humans and wolfos did in their time of need.

Same as Elves in Player’s Handbook, page 17 “Elf Racial Traits” except for the following:

Abilities: +2 WIS or STR, -2 INT

Khalizi do not have immunity to sleep. They need 6 hours of sleep per night to function normally. They do not meditate like normal elves.

+2 racial morale bonus vs fear

Highland Elves- Khaliizi

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