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Major Changes are Here!

The Illithid race is getting a new look and a new name. They will now be called Enieto and these will look more like real world ‘gilled salamanders’. Why? This is just the last step in the long list of changes that were already made to the classic Illithid/mind flayer. The Enieto society will be identical to Daern’s illithid society.

The Mechlan race is getting replaced by a new race – the Amhain, mole+armadillo like creatures that have a completely different society than that of the Mechlans (more on that in their new section). Why? The Mechlans, a race of sentient golems basically born from magic, don’t really seem to fit into what Daern has developed into, and none of the campaigns have really included Mechlans, so removing them will not have significant impacts on the games at this time.

Accompanying the change from Mechlan to Amhain is this: It is said that as the Radiant One shed his mortal form after the War of Creation, he drew upon the Spark of Life, breaking his body into ten pieces and simultaneously filling these with soul energy. These ten pieces became the first Amhain.

Current Project: Updating adventure logs with detailed story so far.

I am going through the story so far and writing detailed, narrative adventure logs. These will include both the events of North War and Core. Some events may be tweaked to be a bit more ‘cinematic’ and a bit less clunky (like if a player couldn’t make it that night and his/her character arbitrarily had to ‘take care of business elsewhere’).


What is Daern?
Daern is a homebrew Dungeons and Dragons setting. It is an ever-expanding setting that grows in detail as players explore the world in campaigns.

Within the setting, Daern is a planet-sized moon of a gas giant. Its rotation is such that one side of Daern always faces the sun. Night and day are caused by the gas giant coming between Daern and the sun, essentially making a daily 7-9 hour eclipse.

Daern has a moderate level of magic present. There are very few divine casters (though Druids are not rare). For whatever reason, the deities of Daern take a less direct role in the lives of mortals.

How do I use this site?
To navigate the wiki, you can use the navigation bar on the left. Links to other pages are marked in maroon.

To start, I recommend reading Player’s Guide to Daern.
A lengthy legend about Daern is here: Of the Elders and the First Days of Daern – The War of Creation.

A map of the Sun Blessed Lands, the habitable lands of Daern, is also available.

About the Game

We currently have 3 campaigns going on in the world of Daern, all set in the year 1644.
More information about them is available in Campaigns.

I have a policy of leaving the world open to development from players and sessions. I aim to build Daern at the game table. Feel free to submit ideas to me at any time. Understand that there are some things that have already been developed but are not on the wiki yet. These things are story related secrets for the games I’m DM’ing and they will be put on the wiki if/when players encounter them. If I like your idea and it fits the theme and feel of Daern, I will add it to the world, though I reserve the right to twist your idea to serve my own devious plans in the games I’m running. Once something is on the wiki, it is more or less set in stone (still subject to possible slight tweaking).

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