Ravenous One

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It is said that the Ravenous One possesses a vast intelligence, surpassed only by the Voidwatcher. He is said to be able to remember everything in perfect detail. His eternal hunger for power overshadows all, though, and he is forever drawing connections between his memories, seething at perceived slights and schemes.

When depicted, the Ravenous One is typically shown as a pale illithid with dark energy breaking his skin and radiating from within his body. His tentacles are usually pulled back, exposing his mouth of razor sharp teeth.

Worshipers and Clergy:
The Ravenous One has few followers among the civilized races of Daern, though some illithids have been known to turn from the path of the Voidwatcher and follow his dark brother. Those who worship him are often dissatisfied with their lives, jealous of others and hoping that the Ravenous One can help them take what they want. Other worshipers are afraid of death and wish to cling to life, even if only as an abomination of the Ravenous One. Worshipers typically make sacrifices to the Ravenous One, hoping to sate his hunger long enough for him to grant them favor. Sacrifices include valuable items, blood, and sometimes life.

The Deepguard have encountered a few mad illithids in the Deep that claim to be clergy of the Ravenous One. They are often in control of abominations and sometimes also have magically controlled thralls. A few thralls were recovered from the clergy, but they all proved to have gone insane.

Temples and Shrines:
There are no known temples of the Ravenous One. Those who worship him usually visit shrines in secret, or rarely keep small ones in their homes. The shrines are typically little more than pools of water in which tribute is thrown. They are often littered with both treasure and bones.

Religious Texts and Philosophy:
Some who follow the Ravenous One hold the Writings of Rhuoleth to be a religious text of sorts. Rhuoleth was an illithid that claimed to hear the thoughts of the Ravenous One. Rhuoleth scribbled down many pages that became known as the Writings of Rhuoleth. Large portions of them are indecipherable, but the readable passages say that the Ravenous One is the true master of Daern and that he will one day rise from the Deep and bring all into his embrace.


Ravenous One

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