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Otac, Talam, Arian, and Twyllo are said to be the first human family.

Twyllo is commonly depicted as a ruggedly handsome young man with tussled hair. He is often shown smirking. Twyllo is the younger brother of Arian. He is primarily a god of trickery and laughter.

Worshipers and Clergy:
Twyllo is most commonly revered by humans in the Shattered Ocean, as well as some in the Riverlands. His followers include performers and common folk. Most don’t specifically pray to Twyllo for anything, but merely give a respectful nod to him.

Temples and Shrines:
There are no shrines or temples of Twyllo. Theaters and stages are said to be looked upon with favor by Twyllo.

Religious Texts and Philosophy:
There are no religious texts of Twyllo. Those who follow him hold to the philosophy that life is meant to be enjoyed. Laughter helps hold together communities.



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